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Sporting Events

Stadium Opportunity: Market, Promote & Boost Team Morale

Why do sports fans go to games? Not only to see their favorite teams play, but also to feel as though they are part of a greater community and to share the excitement of a live sporting event with family and friends. By offering your fans an interactive, fun and rewarding on-site Team Branded photo experience, you are not only fulfilling their sense of belonging but also promoting future ticket sales, merchandise sales and overall team awareness!

NYC Photo Party offers temporary or permanent photo booth kiosk installs.

  • Collect valuable fan base data for future promotions
  • Attract more fans to your concession area
  • Enhance sponsor relationships by Co-Branding photos with their name or logo
  • Drive additional website traffic by offering Free Photo Download Access

Whether for one game or the entire season, call NYC / NJ Photo Party today to inquire about our photo booth systems.

On Site Photo Printing
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